Types of Massage

Sports Massage – Recover Faster

Recover faster while on your vacation here. Go for more powder runs or bike laps. Book another tee time with confidence. We will help flush your muscles get you back out there for another fun-filled day. We choose treatment techniques designed to get you back out there playing. We can also coach you on stretching and other ways to help reduce your recovery time. 

Deep tissue Massage – Play Longer

Reduce the likelihood of injury and stay in the game with regular massage. We will select specific massage techniques designed to target areas of tension and increase joint mobility, helping to counteract your habitual work posture, long commute, or outdoor adventures with easy stretch and homecare suggestions to keep you supple like a leopard.

Relaxation – Be Calmer

Stay calmer while remaining more centered at work and home. Holiday like a boss. Let us help you attain a deeper state of calm by minimizing our talking, selecting soothing music, and cueing you on a simple breathing pattern to help you relax. Soothing massage techniques do not necessarily mean a feather touch! We can still go deeper while still achieving overall relaxation. 

Pregnancy Massage – Feel Better

Need to feel better, and hurt less during pregnancy? Our massage therapists love to provide relief from the pains of pregnancy. You have the option of lying face down on our specialty table made specifically for prenatal massage at any stage. 

Postpartum Massage: recover from childbirth, cope with sleep deprivation, and feel emotionally and physically better when you get regular massage therapy through motherhood. Start within 5 days of giving birth, and continue during those first 16 weeks of adjusting to life after pregnancy. Book within the first 6 weeks and we will add 30 minutes to your treatment time to accommodate any spontaneous feeding or personal postpartum issues that may come up. We love our New Mamas!!!!

Group Bookings – Recover Together

Life moves so fast. Take this opportunity to reconnect and relax together. Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway, a week-long family trip, or a fun vacation with friends, indulge them by booking everyone a massage.



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