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A month ago, I open my inbox to see a picture of Kristy's swollen purple and blue ankle. It looks horrible - no one's walking on this ankle.
"Ruh roh - Look who injured herself coaching volleyball! I used to look smugly at the coaches and athletes wearing their ankle braces, and now I’ve joined their club (sad face) Any advice?" Kristy doesn't send me pics in hopes to gain sympathy perse. What Kristy knows, is that as soon as I see her ankle, I’m going to send her a to do list to help her recover faster, and she knows I’ll be excited to watch her journey to recovery.

 I’m Tara Findlay, BC Registered Massage Therapist (BCRMT) and Yoga instructor based in Whistler, BC. 

Welcome to my health & fitness blog – your go-to for information on maintaining your active lifestyle through training, biohacking, and remedial massage therapy. Two decades of experience go into helping people play longer, recover faster and stay in the game of fitness and recreation.

I love designing and providing ongoing treatment programs to all athletes from professional to recreational. If you’re a powder hound, a mountain bike fanatic, an aspiring Ironman athlete, or a passionate golfer, or simply an all-around outdoor enthusiast, this blog will be filled with tips and techniques on how to hack your training and recovery programs and stay injury free. Weekend warrior? Recovering from surgery? Still in the right place. Is winter your bag? Or are you just waiting till bike season starts again? Let me educate you while you prep for your big season.

Here some of the massage therapy, training tips, and hacks we’ll be sharing:

  • How mobile massage services and our special offers can be of huge benefit. 
  • Breaking down Whistler’s favourite sports and learn how to keep your bodies functionally aligned
  • Tara’s current training program, tips for staying healthy, and quick and easy recipes for fuelling an athletic body (and family)
  • Tips on how to create balance and stay fit as a busy parent.
  • The best hacks for your best ski or bike vacation, and act as your local tour guide, sharing our favorite places to shop, eat, and play should you decide to visit Whistler, our spectacular mountain town.
  • Share my own journey with an autoimmune disorder and how I manage it and maintain an active and symptom-free lifestyle.
  • Share my previous injuries— like that time I had to relearn how to walk, or that time I had a C-section—  how I bounced back and the mistakes I made along the way.

This blog is a conversation – ask me anything about massage, yoga, sports or recovery-related. Ask me the best place to fit your child’s ski boots here! Ask me about hot yoga! Did you suffer a recent injury? Scheduled for an MCL surgery? I can help with tips on how to recover faster, just reach out. Planning a visit to Whistler? Let me show you how to plan, delegate and relax on vacation like a boss.  We’ll also be launching an “Ask Me” on Facebook where you can ask about anything sports injury, training, mountain life hacking and yoga. GO AHEAD…ask the hard questions – we’re ready for it.

If you live in town or are visiting, and want to book a mobile massage or private yoga session with me BOOK HERE.  As an athlete, I know what it means to train and also understand the importance of remaining injury-free. Let me help you keep playing.

Nothing stokes my fire more than helping others; this is why I do what I do.

See you out on the mountain soon – Here’s to your Up’s and Down’s!

Tara Findlay, RMT

"My physiotherapist is very impressed with the exercises you gave me! Thanks again for showing me how to properly wear my brace and helping me decide the best one for my injury.
Thanks again"

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